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About Editor

The Program

Editor, software for checking spelling, usage, grammar, and style, is compact and fast.   Its professional critiques of usage and style help writers edit and polish their work.  It checks for many spelling mistakes that other checkers miss and for myriads of common stylistic flaws that other checkers ignore.  It is useful to students from junior high school through college and to professional writers in any field.  Editor runs on Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8, requiring fewer than 8 MB of memory and disk storage.  It reads documents composed in Word and in plain text.  It will also read many documents in WordPerfect, RTF, and HTML formats.  A ten-day trial copy is available free on the Internet.

Editor's extensive writing-reference screens, available at a mouse click or keystroke while reviewing the program’s analysis, provide des-
criptions and illustrations of each writing problem Editor finds.   The onscreen Writer’s Manual contains helpful discussions of writing as well as information about using the program to improve a writer’s work.

Our FAQ page has detailed information about Editor's many features.

Its History

For more than thirty years, students and professional writers have been using Editor to polish their prose.  Teachers in high schools, colleges, and universities have featured the software in classrooms, writing labs, and homework assignments, both as an educational tool and as a way to reduce the burden of marking up papers by having students take on more of the work.

Developed for student use and classroom teaching beginning in 1983, Editor was the only academic software selected by the Modern Language Association of America (MLA) as part of their software-publication initiative, Software for Students and Scholars.  MLA published Editor in 1990 in an MS-DOS edition, with an upgrade in 1995 and a revised version for the Macintosh in 2001 (no longer supported).

The current Windows® edition of Editor, published and distributed by Serenity Software since 2002, is a comprehensive revision and upgrade of those earlier editions, with enhanced style-analysis and proofreading capabilities helpful to advanced writers and a new add-in option for editing inside Word.

Its Authors

The designers and programmers of Editor and this website are Elaine and John Thiesmeyer, professors of English and teachers of writing for many years at Rochester Institute of Technology and Hobart and William Smith Colleges, respectively.  In addition to their training in English language and literature at Cornell, Elaine studied computer science at RIT and John studied and taught linguistics.  Ranking among the pioneers of writing analysis with computers, the Thiesmeyers have published a number of essays and given many presentations at academic conferences on computers and writing.

Last revised 28 April 2015

Word and WordPerfect do not recognize the following problems.  Slide your cursor down this column for a digest of Editor's comments.


The police told him to seize and desist.

There are times where I
feel despair.

I was bored of the whole discussion.

He brought me a cold
glass of water.

Our forbears explored
this continent.

She hopes to graduate
law school next spring.

Many of his friends are Moslems.

The menu featured roast
beef with au jus.

Our house is going to rack
and ruin.

They foresaw terrible battles
to come.

We met the president elect
for breakfast.