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What's New in Editor?

Our latest edition of Editor, 5.0, was released in April, 2015.  A description of its features can be found here.   We added a leading Mac grammar checker to our comparative study, described below.

Does Editor run in Office 2013?  Yes; see our FAQ "Does Editor work with 64-bit versions of Word?"  Does Editor run in Windows 8?  Yes, but it makes no use of Windows 8's touch-screen interface.  Editor is well suited to the more traditional interface available in Windows 8, re-emphasized in Windows 8.1, and (we hear) standard in Windows 10 (in preparation)..

Interested writers can download a free, 10-day-trial copy of Editor 5.0 from the Internet.  The trial copy includes both the Standard and the Word Add-In versions.  It has no advertising banners or pop-ups, and we keep no records of trial-copy downloads except their total.

Suspicious of the extravagant claims of our competitors, we did an extensive comparative study of twenty grammar checkers, including Word's and WordPerfect's, using real-world test documents based on published sources.  Our tests included five types of grammar analysis and three types of style analysis--not all the elements of good writing, but most of the important ones.

Even if Editor's test results are set aside as possibly biased, the comparative performances of the other 19 checkers on the real-world tests are illuminating.  Only four other checkers, including Word and WordPerfect, found more than 25% of the grammar mistakes, and only one found more than 25% of the style problems, in our study.

Last revised 28 April 2015

Word and WordPerfect do not recognize the following problems.  Slide your cursor down this column for a digest of Editor's comments.

Why should I be presuppos-
ing your innocence?

I got up at four a. m. for breakfast.

She has wed her lover.

The game will start in twenty minutes from now.

They went around fermenting revolt.

The lawyer used an ad homonym argument.